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Our emergency plumbing service covers all of the eastern suburbs of Sydney. If you have any plumbing emergency we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It could be that you come home to find a water pipe has broken and is gushing water (in which case turn off the main water supply) and is damaging your floor coverings – in this case give us a call and we will be out promptly. Other reasons to call us in emergency situations include:

Smell of leaking gas – If you suspect that you have a gas leak it is obviously very important to have it thoroughly investigated as it could be an obvious health hazard as well as being potentially dangerous

Leaking toilets – If you have a leaking toilet is can be very distressing and again, can cause damage and disrupt your family. Toilet leaks can be caused from a variety of issues such as worn seals or valves that are not seated correctly of have simply worn out. In general, leaking toilets are relatively easily repaired compared to many other more involved plumbing tasks

Blocked drains – If you find that you toilet or sinks or even your shower is failing to drain properly or even is totally blocked, this can create a major headache for home and business owners. Blocked drains require ‘fault finding’ to determine the exact cause of the blockage and then where the blockage is occurring. It could be, in the case of a bathroom vanity sink, for example, that the blockage is simply caused by the build up and accumulation of hair and soap – this combination causes a surprisingly large number of blocked bathroom sinks over the years! It is generally (and hopefully) only a case of dismantling the drainage pipework under the sink itself and cleaning it out and then reassembling it. In 80 percent of cases this will resolve the issue and if not will require further examination of the drainage system.