In our November 2016 eastern suburbs Sydney plumbing update we cover some important topics, from a plumbers perspective, that we hope you will find informative.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Whenever there is a plumbing crisis in our home, office or business we most likely require an emergency plumbing Emergency Plumbing Service 24 hourservice. If you live or work in Sydney’s eastern suburbs – anywhere from Malabar to Elizabeth Bay, Bondi Beach or Edgecliff, we will be there to assist in resolving the plumbing issue regardless of the hour of day or night. If the plumbing problem is so severe that you can’t afford to wait for a day or two for the plumbing personnel to arrive, it is an emergency plumbing call out that you require.

Typical Plumbing Emergencies We See Around The Eastern Suburbs

The range of issues that result in calls for our emergency plumbing service is extremely diverse. It could be as a result of a sudden burst water pipe line that a bathroom and subsequently a lounge room or dining area has flooded, which is devastating to any property owner or family.

As well as burst or damaged water pipes, we get a lot of calls for blockages in sinks. This could be the kitchen sink, the bathroom vanity sink or the laundry sink. It can extremely inconvenient to have a kitchen sink block when drain blockagepreparing for a family lunch or dinner. We find that some home owners will have a small hand held plunger on hand and may try and fail to clear the sink blockage themselves. The causes of sink blockages may be as simple as the long term accumulation of hair, grease or soap build up in the trap or pipes that require disassembly, cleaning and reassembling of the sink drain pipes, or, it may be something more ‘demanding’ like a blockage ‘downstream’ of the actual sink drain pipes. In this case it will take some detailed investigation to locate the cause of the blockage.

Non-availability of water. It is a major and obvious problem to discover you have no water all of a sudden. If the issue is not the main water supply you may find that you have cold water in the kitchen taps but not, for example, in your bathroom vanity, or the outside tap works but, mysteriously, inside no cold water taps are working. We will carefully investigate the reasons as to why this is happening. It may be that there is no water supply getting to your dishwasher, when all other water lines appear to be working. These are all fairly commonplace issues we face day in and day out!

Smell Of Leaking Gas

It should always be a concern if you start to smell gas in or around your home, for obvious reasons. We can check gas leaksyour gas lines, gas fittings, connections to your gas appliances and try and detect the cause of the gas leak and rectify it quickly and carefully.

Broken Sewer Lines

A plumbing ‘disaster’ could probably be defined as a broken sewer line. Whilst not that common these days, we have seen instances of older properties in the eastern suburbs where builder or landscape gardeners have accidentally broken the sewer line. This is obviously a situation where an emergency plumber is required immediately. We will assess the damage and ascertain the most effective and least costly way to repair the damaged sewer line. In many instances it may be a case of digging out the damaged section of sewer line and replacing it.

Leaking roofs

We encounter leaking roofs most commonly after severe rain storms have ‘hit’ the eastern suburbs. Locating roof gas leaksleaks can be very simple OR incredibly taxing. Knowing where water ingress into a home or business is coming from is one thing, but locating the source of the water leak is quite another issue for a plumber. Causes of roof leaks can be hugely varying and could include:

  • cracked or damaged roof tiles
  • roof tiles that have moved
  • roof vents
  • skylights
  • flashing that has degraded
  • with older homes with chimneys it could be the flashing is worn or damaged
  • gutters / down pipes are clogged with leaves and debris
  • corroded metal roofing
  • flashing on double brick walls has corroded or is damaged

Whatever the cause, we will firstly try and limit the current water damage by use of tarps and protective measures and then go looking for the cause. We have the experience to know all the ‘tips and tricks’ associated with finding and then repairing the source of the water leak.

Blocked Toilets

Probably near the top of the ’emergency plumbing’ list are blocked toilets. When the toilet is overflowing due to a blocked drain, people generally require the services of an emergency plumber who can ensure the fastest and the most reliable service to resolve the issue, at a fair price. In instances like this the service must be available any time round the clock on all 365 days of the year. It is imperative that the plumbing service personnel must have experience in all areas of drainage and they should also have considerable experience and confidence in getting the toilet function back to usable condition within a couple of hours. Technology has greatly changed the way plumbers approach blocked drains. As discussed above, the usage of plumbing specific CCTV camera technology allows us to pinpoint the cause of the blockage in 90 percent of instances. We then, depending on the cause of the issue, use water jetters, electric eels and appropriate cutting tools to clear the blockage. If, in the unlikely event, we find that the drains are cracked or damaged, there are several modern ‘no digging required’ approaches that we can employ to repair the drain in-situ. These methods need not be costly and can be considerably less costly than digging up and old sewer line or length of sewer. Whatever the cause, we can solve the vast majority of blocked toilet problems very quickly and efficiently.

Hot and cold water taps that will not turn off

Have you ever faced the problem that when you want to turn off your hot or cold water taps in your house to stop the flow of water you suddenly discover that the tap doesn’t turn off ? This can certainly become a plumbing gas leaksemergency. Though the problem may be with the tap, you may not be sure whether the tap is to be repaired or replaced. If you try yourself to repair the tap and if it breaks, it could potentially make the problem worse and there is the risk of flooding or water damage. The best solution is to call your local eastern suburbs emergency plumbing service who should be able to rectify the problem quickly, either by repairing the tap or by replacing it with a new tap.

Damaged water pipes and water lines

It is fairly common for us to receive a call from a client saying that they have accidentally damaged a water line running alongside their home. Many properties of an older vintage simply have a water line running on the ground next to the building itself. It is relatively easy, particularly with old pipe work to fracture the pipe, causing water to leaking water pipecome gushing out. If this happens, firstly isolate the water supply via the stop tap and then call your emergency plumber. In general, these are relatively easy and inexpensive repair jobs. Again, though, what is important is that the emergency plumber can resolve the issue promptly so that you can maintain your water usage for the toilet cistern, washing, showering and so on.

Our emergency plumbing service personnel should reach your location within the hour, for most eastern suburbs properties, generally less than this time, after receiving the complaint. As burst water pipes can inflict much damage to a property it is considered as a plumbing emergency and swift action by our plumbing service men is essential.

Occasionally with burst water pipes, where an area is flooded, a plumber will often switch off the electricity at the electrical switchboard of the property. In case of burst water pipes, the earliest action can reduce the impact of the burst. The gushing burst water pipes can inflict very heavy damage and later on it could be very expensive to rectify water damage.

Other Emergency Plumbing Issues To Consider:

Gas leaks – Should you notice the smell of gas inside or around your property you should immediately call an emergency plumbing service. When there is a gas leak, not only could the house and the contents in the house potentially be at risk, but more importantly, the health of those who are in the house is also potentially at risk. If the gas happens to catch fire the entire house could, potentially, be gutted. The plumbing service personnel will inspect the gas pipelines and find out the point where it leaks and get it rectified immediately. An experienced plumber will quickly detect the gas leak which can occur on the gas meter, stove, oven, stove, water heater, bbq or bayonet points or in defective piping. The most advanced gas detection equipment is now available to professional plumbing companies that ensure quick detection of the leaks, allowing the repair work to commence immediately. It is very important to call a plumber to detect a gas leak as early as possible, since even a subtle leak could lead to accumulation of gas. Above all, remember that gas leaks are a major plumbing issue which is to be attended only by professional, qualified plumbing experts.

Raw sewerage and toilet overflows

Not the most tasteful of subjects, but overflowing raw sewerage is obviously one of the worst plumbing emergencies you can face and one which must be attended by a plumbing service, with urgency, at it is an obvious health hazard. The overflow needs to be arrested and the source of problem detected. The same applies in the case of a toilet overflowing. If the toilet overflows immediately after flushing it may be due to a blockage of the toilet itself. If the toilet overflows even without flushing it may be due to a clog either in the main drain pipe or in the sewer line. Both the cases create a plumbing emergency and one should immediately call for an emergency plumber to attend to the problem immediately. ‘Do it yourself’ methods to remove the clog can make things worse and create more complications for the plumber to deal with.


Having a reliable and competent, locally based, emergency plumbers’ phone number on hand (or stored in your mobile phone) is a wise move for any property owner.  We have highlighted some of the issues that would warrant calling in an emergency plumbing company.