We operate an emergency plumbing service that runs all day and all night so that when our clients need us, Emergency Plumbing Service 24 hourregardless of the time of day or night we are ready to come out to your eastern suburbs home or business and resolve the plumbing problems that you are facing.

Leaking Roof’s – Roof Plumbing

It could be that you find you have a leaking roof. It can be very distressing to witness water ingress through your plaster ceilings or cornice work or water running down your internal walls – sure signs that your rof is leaking. Water can do an enormous amount of damage including:

  • ruined carpets
  • ruined floating floor boards
  • ruined timber floors
  • ruined paint work
  • damaged plasterboard that will possibly require replacing
  • damage to carpets
  • damage to audio visual equipment
  • risk of fire if water ingress gets into electrical cabling, lighting fixtures or other electrical equipment. Water and electricity can be a very dangerous combination

-The list goes on – the bottom line is that a leaking roof needs to be repaired quickly to minimise the amount of leaking roof imagedamage caused. We are expert at locating the source of a roof leak – they can be surprising difficult to locate at times. It could be that roof tiles are cracked, or a metal roof has rusted through, or roof flashing is defective. Many homes in the eastern suburbs of Sydney may have a roof that is well over 90 years old. Terracotta tiles. particularly in beach side suburbs often become very brittle over time and are more prone to cracking. Whatever the cause we will work hard to locate the issues and repair them efficiently and most importantly, quickly.

Gas Leaks – Gas Plumbing

If you ever smell gas around or in your property you need to get it checked out by a licensed plumber / gas fitter immediately. Gas is used in most homes these days to do our cooking and to power our heating. In older properties we have seen damaged or corroded gas pipe lines and older appliances, like gas cookers that need urgent repair work to make them safe.

Overflowing Toilets, Washbasins, Bath Tubs, Showers and Sinks

It can be extremely distressing to find that your toilet is not only blocked but has overflowed. this can also pose a serious health hazard and requires an emergency plumber if it occurs after hours. We have the CCTV diagnostic equipment to establish the reason why the toilet has blocked and exactly where it has blocked. We can then use a blocked drains - emergency plumbing 2016variety of techniques and tools to clear the blockage. These can include plungers, water jetters and electric eels. We will always try and get the immediate blockage fixed so you can use your toilet of shower immediately and, if it is in the early hours of the morning, return the next day to do the ‘long term’ repair work required, in order to prevent the blockages from returning in the future. Root growth into sewer lines is particularly common in eastern suburbs properties and we can generally locate precisely where the roots have entered into the serer pipes and then ‘cut’ the roots that have grown into the sewer lines. this should stop the problem from recurring. Occasionally we find that very old sewer lines are broken and we wil advise you on the most effective, least costly and least ‘intrusive’ ways to replace the damaged sections of sewer lines. In 2016 there are several ‘no dig’ options for replacing broken sewer pipes – again, another area where technology has made plumbing solutions more effective and decrease the need to potentially having to dig up backyards, drive ways and gardens.