Imagine this scenario. You wake up to find a strange hissing noise coming from the direction of your bathroom – strange huh? You cautiously approach the bathroom to find, to your horror, the bathroom floor is flooded and water seems to be gushing from the vanity unit. Hopefully your bathroom has a floor waste so the water on the bathroom floor can drain away..

isolating tap image

Isolating Tap

plumbing flexible hose

Flexible Hose

You can an emergency plumber to see if they can quickly fix the problem. On arrival the emergency plumber finds that the cause of the water gushing over the floor is a burst flexible hose that connects the vanity unit mixer tap to the water pipe coming out of the wall. Between the water pipe and the flexible hose there should be an isolating tap which, in situations like this, allows you to turn off the water supply. Flexible hoses can occasionally burst – particularly the earliest and lower quality hoses. They are subject to constant water pressure and need to be installed properly by a licensed plumber.

In this instance the flexible hose was replaced with a quality hose and the isolating tap opened. the problem was fixed and the owner was happy, especially once the floor had been mopped and dried.

Emergency plumbers need to be able to react quickly to clients stressful plumbing problems and be able to think on their feet. In our case we not only offer a highly skilled emergency plumbing service but we carry a wide range of plumbing parts and components with us as well as the most up to date tools and diagnostic equipment.