We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients the very best wishes for Christmas and the New year, We are operating our emergency plumbing service throughout the festive season. If you suddenly find you have blocked drains, loose your hot water or find that your vanity unit has ‘sprung a leak’ we on hand 24 / 7 to assist you to get back up and running.

Holiday Plumbing Tips

Many eastern suburbs home owners finally get around to doing home maintenance in the summer holiday period. A few ideas that you may like to consider and integrate into your home maintenance schedule could include:

  • Guttering. It could be a good idea to finally getting around to clean out all those dead leaves and twigs that have accumulated in the guttering over the year. Blocked gutters can result in leaks into the home, overflowing gutters and degradation of the guttering and property. Remember, safety first – particularly when using ladders to access guttering. If in doubt get someone in to do the job for you.
  • Leaking Taps. Again, if you do not feel competent to do the work, call a licensed plumber. Leaking taps can waste a surprisingly large amount of water and should be fixed. Generally it is often a case of simply replacing the tap washer. We also see cases in older eastern suburbs homes, where the tap ‘seat’ is damaged and in this instance the entire tap assembly may need replacing if our attempts at re-seating the tap fail.
  • Keep an emergency plumbers phone number on hand!! Sound obvious, but if you suddenly need to call us, it pays to have our number handy!

Plumber Eastern Suburbs - Merry Christmas